PhD Info


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • The UNODC and the Human Rights Approach to Human Trafficking: Explaining the Organizational (Mis)Fit (forthcoming in the Journal of International Organization Studies)

  • “The United Nations at Seventy-Five: Where Are the Women in the United Nations Now?” with Kirsten Haack and Margaret Karns Ethics & International Affairs, 34(3), (2020), 361-371.

  • "Beyond the ‘Women-and-children’ Bias in Human Trafficking: A Study of Haitian Migrants in the Dominican Republic.” Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration, 8(2), (2020), 132-150

  • "International Drug Interdiction: The Narcotisation of United States – Colombia Relations.” Caribbean Journal of International Relations & Diplomacy, 3(2), (2015), 59-91

  • Other Publications

  • “Haitian Migrants: The Hidden Faces of Human Trafficking in the Dominican Republic.” Wilson Center, New Security Beat, (June 8, 2020).

  • “El Escándalo Windrush: Herencia Colonial Se Tropieza con Control Inmigratorio del Siglo 21.” OBMICA 9(4), (2019), 4-5.

  • Works in Progresss

  • Haack, Kirsten; Karns, Margaret; Murray, Jean-Pierre “What Current Data Show Regarding the Push for Gender Equality within the United Nations.” (under review)

  • “International Organizations and Divergent Destinies on Hispaniola,” in Henry F. Carey and Karen Richman, eds. Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the International Community: The Otherness Triangle. (under review)

  • “Caribbean International Relations,” in Henry F. Carey, ed. Understanding the Contemporary Caribbean. (forthcoming)

  • Carey, Henry F; Murray, Jean-Pierre “The Contemporary Caribbean: Trends and Perspectives,” in Henry F. Care, ed. Chapter in Understanding the Contemporary Caribbean. (forthcoming)